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An Dreo e Karina has been one of the first bands to perform Italian music on the Polish music scene since 2000.
The duo has released 4 albums, as well as many singles and music videos.
Their greatest success are: winning a  prize at the European Covers Festival, playing a concert with 
The Symphony Orchestra of Karol Namysłowski in Zamość at the Festival of Italian Culture, guest performance
at the 55th National Festival of Polish Song in Opole, numerous performances in morning programs, and over a thousand international and Polish concerts. 


On October 19, 2022, the long-awaited new album An Dreo e Karina - AMORE PER L'ITALIA was released.
The greatest hits performed by the duo got a brand new and refreshed sound.
The album is available on all streaming services - Listen


An Dreo e Karina is not only based on cover songs, they also have their own original Polish-language project (anykara).


The duo works great in a moody, intimate atmosphere, in small spaces and medium-sized concert halls and at closed events.

At the same time, it is an ideal proposition for outdoor events, open picnics, harvest festivals or city days.


An Dreo e Karina has an amazing contact with the audience.
The duo always gives a true love dose of positive energy and presents a wonderful 
new sound along with a visual performance especially prepared for the concert.


We invite managers and directors of Cultural Centers to cooperate,

Music Clubs and Theatres, the offer is addressed to every recipient.


We also invite Concert and Advertising Agencies to organize exclusive concerts and events for companies.
The repertoire and artistic level of the performance certainly will satisfy your demanding customers.


At the concert, you will hear well-known ITALIAN hits in new refreshed versions 2022:

Felicita, Volare, Ci Sara, Semper Sempre, Sharazan, Liberta, Tu Soltanto Tu, Ti amo and many other Italian love hits.


Below you can find the performance of Valentine's Day DDTVN 2023 - Felicita - SEE :)



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  Technical Rider Band



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Autorski projekt anYkara

Autorski projekt anYkara